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And now a joke for all

Posted by johnross on .
Young family is moving into abandoned yurt by hill, previous dweller having been seized by politburo. One day, prison gang show up to begin constructing forced-labor camp near yurt.

5 year old daughter of family not yet have natural curiosity destroyed from depression, she begin talking prisoners. Warden enjoy building up prisoners hope so as to shatter it again at opportune moments, so is allowing this tiny ray of happiness.

Girl is hang around, sharing meals of radioactive water and uncooked rats, helping bury bodies of prisoners who die on job. They even giving her dog skull for to protect head.

Girl is surviving one week on job with only minor broken bones and loss of hearing in one ear. Warden, wishing to encourage her enthusiasm for a life of hard labor, presenting her wages of six teeth and 18 centimeters cobalt wire.
Girl's mother, knowing such a treasure is making them ripe target for bands of armed thieves, send girl to local rock field where townsfolk hide valuables.

At rock field, blind bag lady meet girl who tell her she work every day with Vilhelm and Kaspar and Ludvig. She fear girl is another auditory hallucination from malnourish, but ask if girl will return to complete labor camp next week.
Girl think for moment then say "No, as I leaving yurt this morning, hill is collapse in rockslide due to erosion. Prisoners and parents bury beneath rubble." Such is life.

"o i c wat u did thar"

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