GBC The Vault
TitlePlayersYearCart Size
Wacky Races1?1024none
Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour1?2048none
Wario Land 31?204810.0
Wario Land II1?204810.0
Warriors of Might and Magic1?1024none
WCW Mayhem1?1024none
Wendy - Every Witch Way1?1024none
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - 2nd Edition1?1024none
Wild Thornberrys, The - Rambler1?1024none
Wings of Fury1?1024none
Winnie the Pooh - Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood1?2048none
Woody Woodpecker1?1024none
Woody Woodpecker Racing1?1024none
World Destruction League - Thunder Tanks1?1024none
Worms Armageddon1?1024none
WWF Attitude1?1024none
WWF Betrayal1?1024none
WWF WrestleMania 20001?1024none