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N64 The Vault
TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
Nagano Winter Olympics '9841998Konami127.0
Namco Museum 6411999Namco45.0
NASCAR 200021999EA Sports12none
NASCAR 9921998EA Sports125.5
NBA Courtside 2: Featuring Kobe Bryant41999Nintendo166.3
NBA Hangtime41997Midway1210.0
NBA In the Zone '9841998Konami12none
NBA In the Zone '9941999Konami12none
NBA In the Zone 200042000Konami16none
NBA Jam 200041999Acclaim167.0
NBA Jam 9941998Acclaim127.0
NBA Live 200041999EA Sports16none
NBA Live 9941998EA Sports16none
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC41999Midway169.4
New Tetris, The41999Nintendo129.6
NFL Blitz21999Midway168.5
NFL Blitz 200041999Midway16none
NFL Blitz 200142000Midway169.0
NFL Blitz: Special Edition42001Midway16none
NFL Quarterback Club 2000  Read the manual41999Acclaim1210.0
NFL Quarterback Club 200142000Acclaim1210.0
NFL Quarterback Club 9841997Acclaim810.0
NFL Quarterback Club 9941998Acclaim1210.0
NHL 9941998EA Sports129.0
NHL Blades of Steel '9941999Konami12none
NHL Breakaway 9841998Acclaim129.6
NHL Breakaway 9941998Acclaim1210.0
Nightmare Creatures11998Activision16none
Nuclear Strike 6411999THQ32none