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Re: How can I play on a mac?

Posted by Tha_Dos_Maniac on .
Keka doesn't allow you to play games, it allows you to open .7z files, .7z is an archive format. You'll needd to extract the actual ROM file(s) for whatever game you're trying to play from the 7z file and put it in a folder somewhere on your computer. Depending on what system the game originally came from the ROM could be made up of one file or several files within the .7z.

To actually play the games you need an appropriate emulator. For example if you're trying to run a SNES game you need a SNES emulator. Look at the Emulation Lair page on the upper right of this website.

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I got it before, but I'm confused on exactly what to do with it and how it will allow me to play games