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Re: I don't think it's necessary

Posted by Demiv on .
Other than the few fan translations, all the games on here are the American releases, that includes Misnumbered or Mislabled games such as Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES or Tales of Destiny 2 for the Playstation. They are named and sorted based on the names they where given in the States.

"Experience the classics"

In reply to: "Fire Emblem" nitpick posted by DarknessRises on .
I think this site is absolutely amazing, and that Nintendo keeps its grimy mitts off of it, but if I may make a suggestion, rename "Fire Emblem" to "Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword" or "Fire Emblem 7", since those names are more official/show that this game isn't the first in a series, but rather an ongoing series. I understand that it just displays "Fire Emblem" on the title screen, and I apologize if this question is either stupid or has been asked before.

Thanks in advance.