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Re: GDemu help please

Posted by ForceMultiplier on .
I think I figured it out. Turns out my GDemu doesn't like GDIs from Redump. Got my hands on some TORSEC GDIs and they work like a charm. Just thought I would post a update just in case anyone else runs into the same problem with the Dreamcast games.

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Could be the hardware idk. I didn't think it was the hardware because the GDEMU_SD tool will recognize the GDmenu file on my desktop on load it into the SD card with no problems. If I plug the SD card into the GDemu it will run GDmenu and it sees all the files on the SD card but it doesn't recognize them hence the "Unsupported Disc/Emtpy file" description next to the file number in GDmenu. The problems start when I try to get the tool to load any of the games I downloaded from here onto the SD card. Neither the GDEMU_SD tool or the GDemu seem to recognize the files.

Re: GDemu help please
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