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Posted by phayon959 on .
There were only a few specific models early in the life cycle of the Ps3 that had backwards comparability with Ps2 games (and if I remember right not ALL Ps2 games). You would need to have one of those models (the early 60 and 20 gig ones) in order to be able to play the games without any sort of modding involved. Those models go for decent cash these days but it's possible there exist mods or hacks out there in the wild that could allow certain Ps3 models to do the same thing. There would likely be some risk involved in doing so, as there is with any modding of a console/handheld.

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I read that on all the "fat" ps3's, you can natively play ps1, 2 and of course 3 games. Are the PS1 and PS2 downloads here playable on PS3? If so, what software, if any, is needed to do so?