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Games in English / PAL Games

Posted by masterdragon on .
I know since this site claims to have all US releases of the systems(Which im really greateful for a place and an effort like this to exist for the entire internet, but which also means only mainly NTSC games), such important games having only english language being PAL version like Toshinden 4 and Terranigma (like other guy requested before me) seems not to be listed here yet.

And since you have already such big (and important) exceptions like having Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES) here (super glad for it!), which was never released outside japan and is available here, even by only due to it having a hero's (its how i call the great independent people who brings the freedom of things through the internet for the world) translation to English, i wish you could start thinking about going around in search for the PAL games = increasing the availability of having oficial release of more games of those systems in an also english language.

I mean, only for the ones that has no NTSC versions already, would be enough, and cuz a game in between NTSC and PAL, of course NTSC is better and enough making standard indeed.

Then this site would claim to have everygame with oficial english releases for the systems listed, XD.(And please dont stop making such things like having games playable by hero's translations such as the big seiken densetsu 3).

BTW, you are a hero Vimm, thank you for this old style website with no bullshits of modern internet and perfect content like you are doing here! Its like the old times even better