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And of course I completely forget the old PAL and NTSC performance differences in my post.

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

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Putting it simple, about what matter for us:

NTSC and PAL means 2 main different (but not much in the end) pattern of frames/Hz and color system, originated from old times of analog TVs/screens for each countries grouped.

Putting it simple again:

Color nowadays doesnt matter much for consider worring between those 2 (the digital conversions make it equal), but:

NTSC = mostly made for run in 60/30 FPS (frames per second) scale
PAL = mostly made for run in 50/25 FPS (frames per second) scale

NTSC = english version means USA english (cuz US is NTSC standard)
PAL = english version means british english (cuz england and most europe = PAL)

NTSC in general is a best pattern/version for us to use in general nowadays (at least for us from Western World, but i believe even for worldwide, considering NTSC being more flat response/conversion for digital world.)

I am talk all in GENERAL, but im sure about games from all those old systems and for english language of games you can mostly count on it.

So, thas how you can tell, most PAL old games = 50 fps and british english
NTSC = 60 fps + american english

And btw, when starting games in ZSNES emulator (with a original rom copy), it shows right after loading the game: "VIDEO: NTSC" (most emulatores may show the same somewhere)