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Re: Can't Download more than one Rom?

Posted by BrilliantBilby on .
Yes, I've finished downloading the first three things that I wanted from the website. I'm not downloading anything, but it won't allow me to download anything else. I'm not downloading from any other site either, there are no downloads happening now, and I've tried 3 different ROMs for 2 different emulators, and I continue to get the same 401 page. Just to clarify, I'm not downloading anything right now, I don't wish to download two files at once.

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Do you mean more than one at a time? or that you can't download anything at all right now?
Also, do you mean a search function for the forum or the vault? the vault has a search function on the main page of each section and there isn't one for the forum.

As for downloads, you can only download one file at a time.

Re: Can't Download more than one Rom?
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