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Posted by DerpySnake on .
Japanese means it's a game released in Japan in that language. You most likely won't be able to play it unless you know Japanese.

Hacked probably means it's a ROM hack. Not entirely sure on that one.

Translated means the game has been translated from another language to English.

Prototypes are basically just Prototypes of certain games - some of which never got a full release. Star Fox 2 has a prototype (And a full release) though.

Unlicensed means the game was released unofficially on its home system without support or knowledge from the console manufacturer. This is usually an indicator of poor quality though.

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

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hello again.
I'm searching for some multiplayer wii games. to do so, I'm trying to use advanced search and settings players to equal or greater than 2. but it doesn't seem to work... any idea why or what else I need to add to get my search through? thanks

ive also noticed that on the letter pages (A,B,C...) there is a filter option with the options

and an option US Games which can't be deselected... Can someone explain these filters to me and whether they show or hide those games?