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Re: ds roms being flagged as adware?

Posted by DerpySnake on .
If they're not too big drag the ROM files into virustotal (Make sure they're out of their compressed folder) if you are ever feeling uneasy.

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In reply to: Re: ds roms being flagged as adware? posted by phayon959 on .
Looked around and I wasn't able to find any information on duh web about this sort of issue. Even if that weren't the case I would have told you not to worry about it as the roms you get from here are safe. From my own personal experience, I've been using the roms here since like back in 2000 and I've never gotten any weirdness from them ever.
Antiviruses can be weird sometimes when using emulated anything, for instance most private servers for mmorpgs and such get flagged immediately just because of the way the emulation works. The AV is like "whoa, this is some weird coding and workarounds and that probably shouldn't be" even though you're like "yeah, it totally should!" so... TL;DR is it's very much likely nothing at all.