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Re: Not able to download DS games?

Posted by cb49 on .
download2 and download are two different servers serving different content. The "took too long to respond" is the same error as "Network unreachable". Taking out the 2 out of the download2 will not fix it.

In reply to: Not able to download DS games? posted by ENRGx on .
I tried to download a couple DS games, and i read a post about download2.vimm and download.vimm and one not working but the other should ect. But for me the dwnload2 gives me this error "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond." so i tried taking out the 2 in the url (dont know if that is correct at all anyways) but it gives me a fishy browser error. "Your browser is acting funny. Are you a bot? If you're not, please disable any download accelerators or VPN and try again." probably cause you changing the url does nothing lol. lmaoo but yes. pls halp