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Not much new happening on my end. I'm back to creating the frames for my YouTube videos (again), but at least the setbacks are removed this time around. The shades of red are now more life-like without looking too metallic, the LED graphics are done, several instrumentals are done (though "Into The Fire" needs to be re-recorded for less distortion in FLAC form), and all that's standing in my way is the time it takes to get the pictures done. The videos are created by taking one picture after another and use it as frames for the video, and the music I compose will be playing in the video itself. Different videos will have different titles and backgrounds. "Into The Fire" will have a "red carpet" background, "Working" will probably have wooden planks in the background, "Showdown" will probably have red bricks, and "Monster" ... Well, I guess I'll just use a B&W picture of a movie theater; it's about a woman being killed by her husband in 1934.

- Tricob.

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hey guys