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Re: Patreon or PayPal donations?

Posted by TheLurker on .
Unfortunately, Vimm cannot legally accept donations. If Vimm did, then there would be a GIANT SWARM of legal problems that would cause the website to be shut down within about a week or so.

As long as he doesn't take any money, the website will most likely continue to be overlooked as long as the ROM's/emulators aren't TOO current.

So, for the longevity of the website, Vimm cannot accept donations. Even if they were unrelated to the website and for something else. Legality and all that.

In reply to: Patreon or PayPal donations? posted by UncleReggie69 on .
Feel free to delete this post if you're trying to keep this stuff out of here, but I've wondered if you take Paypal donations or have a Patreon in order to maintain bandwidth/servers. I've literally been coming to this website for almost 20 years now. Some of the first video games I ever played were from this site, and I'd be more than happy to pay it forward however I can.

Let me know Vimm.