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Re: Redump vs. Scrubbed

Posted by Vimm on .
I'd love if Redump added scrubbed hashes but that seems unlikely. My GameCube Scrubbing primer explains some of the technical details and feedback's welcome. I've found most gamers prefer scrubbed games since they're smaller, while the archiving crowd craves every single byte. There's tools that can accurately convert back and forth though, making scrubbed games more attractive.

If you already have Redump games you can scrub them with Wiims ISO Tool so there's no need to download them again. On the flip side, you can unscrub them with NKit. Both are command-line tools so there's no fancy user interface.

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Is there anyone that is part of the community here (preferably an experienced dumper)?

I notice that with the GameCube games that there is a scrubbed option. I understand that its a space saver and the hashes match the database.

I did a Google search on redump vs scrubbed and noticed some infighting within the redump forums about preservation (true 1:1) and compatibility... But these were 8-10 years old and I'm not sure if this is still applicable. I'd honestly like to start over and save a few hundred Gb or more.

Can someone please respond?

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