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Re: Redump vs. Scrubbed

Posted by Vimm on .
Some simple instructions is a good idea. I could include some of the .bat files I've used as examples. There's several ways to scrub and .gcz is one of the weakest, though it's lossless and supported in Dolphin. I'm pretty sure you can convert GameCube games to/from .gcz in Dolphin.

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Thank-You once again for responding. I found the Gamecube Scrubbing primer, but it was actually in the Wii portion of the Vault (even though it appears to be applicable for both consoles).

I'm still having difficulties with getting the tool to work. I'm using this thread as a reference to compressing it to GCZ compression.

I suspect it's me. I've copied the directions in page 3, using my own drive information using the command prompt but it doesn't seem to be working (it even has an option for recursive functionality so it's set it and forget it).

The creator of the utilities are way too in the weeds (but that's their intended audience, so I can't complain).

My feedback would be the recommendation of two very-simple/high-level SOPs to explain how to install (I have that completed correctly) and a provided generalist script to be placed within the command prompt (while replacing the file structure for our own).
- One to scrub/compress our existing collection to GCZ
- One to unscrub/Uncompress back to default.