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Re: question about the ps 2 emulator

Posted by DerpySnake on .
It mentions having your own PS2 for legal reasons, if they said for you to download the BIOS that would push them towards legal trouble. You can get a BIOS from a PS2, or you could download one here.

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

In reply to: question about the ps 2 emulator posted by jon200547 on .
I got a question I am trying to set up the playstation 2 emulator so that I can play playstation 2 games it asks me for my set up of the emulator from my system I don't have my playstation 2 anymore to set it up that way I sold my playstation 2 I have 3 and 4 only now of the actual systems but I need to get the ps 3 to recognize the new internet router first on the system to get the playstation 3 running so all I have running is my playstation 4 and it don't play games backwards it only plays ps 4 games or unless I buy ps 4 games from the ps store but anyway it wants me to set up the ps2 by matching it with my ps 2 system and like I said I don't have it anymore that's why I was getting the emulator on the computer so I can play it again and the ps2 games isn't there a ps2 emulator already set up out there cause I have no ps 2 and no way to match up this emulator to get it going any suggestions I want to play the ps2 games again

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