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Re: Help with PS2 Emulator?

Posted by ShadedMoon13 on .
Oh an all of them are on the PC, sorry I should of mentioned that.

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Hey, I was introduced to emulators by a friend a long time ago. I started off with GBA games and then got further into other emulation apps. I have a GBA, Wii, and DS emulator, all I downloaded from this site. However one of my favorite games are on PS2 and there is an emulator for the PS2 on here as well as said game.

For the most part I can figure out pretty easily how to install emulators and launch ROMs. However I unfortunately seem to get confused when it comes to the PS2 emulator. How do I use it? Like how do I launch a game? Do I need to use settings that emulate memory packs? Is there anything else I should know about it that can help me? Thank you.

Re: Help with PS2 Emulator?
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