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Posted by phayon959 on .
Oh god, no. No one's ever played Monster Hunter for the story lol. The story really just gets in the way of the actual game most of the time with annoying fetch quests and go grab 10 of this bone or cart these eggs around. Which is fun like... the first time you do it. Are you new to the series? If so I would recommend checking out either MH3U on the WiiU or MH generations on the 3DS. Those are great places to check out some of the older systems but still miss out on a lot of the more annoying features that were in the first handful of games (and some of those things make the game feel nearly unplayble compared to how the games are now)

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Ah, yeah still getting used to the stick controls in the original Monster Hunter. Guess I wanted to play the second game since it was only released in Japan and I wanted to try to play the games in order lol. My guess just from browsing the net is there isn't really a storyline connecting all the games so there really wouldn't be much of a reason to hunt down Monster Hunter 2. Plus really difficult to find an iso on a site without my anti virus software going crazy. So far Vimm's seems to be the safest site to find abandoned games.Too bad Playstation3 isn't considered abandoned yet.

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