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Re: Monster Hunter 2

Posted by phayon959 on .
I haven't done any emulation either on or for the 3DS as I only have the one and I'm afraid of bricking the thing if I do the hack wrong or something.

As for MH World I highly recommend that one, especially since the expansion is about to come out which is adding a new area and a load of monsters from older games are coming back. It's also just flat out the most accessible one of the series with so many changes to things that just make sense (crap like you no longer have to just wait around when you grab a mushroom, you just run by it, hit the button and bam! 4 in your bag).

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Yeah Ima Hunter noob. definetally saving up for MH world. So far MH3 is pretty fun and the crafting system makes more sense. Nice that I can switch controls if I wanted the more challenging(annoying lol) old school feel. Still waiting for 3ds to become abandonware. Probably hard to emulate?