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Re: Checkout my site

Posted by funk on .
You know it's good when my antivirus simply refuses to go further after i click Continue on the adfly page. I have experience with those adfly url shorteners, and usually when i click Continue, it just takes me to the url it's supposed to, but instead it brings me to more sketchy links.

I saw on that page that it said "Your site here: 10,000 visitors / 5$". Let's be fair, you'll never get that many visitors from a very obscure rom site like Vimm's. Just give the direct link, man.

Also, who needs your site? You're advertising ROM downloads on a site that has ROM downloads. And besides, you can download full No-Intro/Redump romsets from if you're into hoarding.

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It's a Adfly link I used to make some money to buy a domain name and the files I'm hosting are no-inrto complete Rom packs