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Re: PS2 internal HDD substitute

Posted by Vimm on .
You might consider a 2.5" HDD with an IDE adapter. It's smaller size may fit in the bay with the adapter, plus it'll be easier to find a 250GB drive.

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The PS2 network and HDD adapter uses 3.5" HDD up to 250GB with IDE interfaces that must fit into the 3.5" drive slot. These 250GB IDE HDDs seems to be out of production. Any SATA-IDE adpater are dock-on devices, they extend the size of the disc and so they do not fit into the PS2 "tight" 3.5" slot. Does anybody know a replacement disc adapter with the maximum outer dimensions of a 3.5" HDD and the IDE connectors at the same position of a real IDE HDD? The internal adapter can have a 2.5" SATA HDD, an SD-CARD slot or the coolest thing would be a WLAN based SMB/CIFS mounted storage (That would allow HDD changing by just re-mounting another shared folder).
I just don't want to case mod my original PS2 to fit any adapter inside. I'd like to read your solution for that situation.

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