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Re: Many manuals are broken

Posted by Digifiend on .
This one, supposedly Pokemon Blue for Game Boy, is missing.

This one is labelled as Pokemon Red and Blue for Game Boy. Since Red and Blue are actually separate games (though their manuals should be almost the same since they're paired counterparts) this manual is in fact just Blue. And the cover is missing.

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Going through the Genesis section here and a lot of them don't seem to work
Shadow Dancer
Shadowrun pages 4-9
Streets of Rage 1 and 2
Super Thunder Blade
Syd of Valis

and I've come across a couple Playstation 1 (like Final Fantasy 8) manuals that are broken as well. I assume there are more than this because that's all I have looked at so far. Having broken manuals up prevents people from being able to upload new ones for those specific games

Re: Many manuals are broken
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