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Re: News: November 11, 2019

Posted by Zhanciere on .
Nice to get them in a smaller size, but I don't use Dolphin and instead play all of my Wii backups on USB Loader GX on my homebrewed Wii, which doesn't support this new format. Thankfully, I have pretty much all of the good games physically, but this will make trying out random games harder. I see that downloading in wbfs is still an option, at least, so thank you for that ^^ If it wasn't, having to keep converting everything would get super tedious after a while, especially since I am getting low on space.

In reply to: News: November 11, 2019 posted by Vimm on .
There's a new format for Wii games called NKit which makes games about 33% smaller than a .wbfs file. That's a huge difference so all games in the Wii Vault have been converted to .nkit.iso. Recent releases of Dolphin support the .nkit format so the Emulation Lair will now have the current monthly Dolphin build.

Also, the Dreamcast Vault now has cover art for every game courtesy of the emulator Redream.