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Re: (Last image) #20 error

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
I have the same problem with my uploaded manuals as well, it adds an extra blank image. No idea why it does that but Vimm is aware there are issues with the manuals

You can read through this thread where he talks about it

In reply to: (Last image) #20 error posted by DeusExMortis on .
Trying to upload 300dpi scans of FEAR EFEECT-U PS1 manual, but no matter what I do, in whatever format I submit it in, zipped/unzipped, the manual can be viewed but not downloaded because an error with image #20, which doesn't exist as page 0 is counted and there are 20 pages, so it should stop at page 19. Following the instructions of zipped png files doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?