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Posted by ed rhodes on .
If you remember, I complained that neither of the N64 emulators was working properly for me. I had been using an Xbox 360/Windows controller, and it had problems with the PS2 emulator AND wouldn't work at all on the N64 emulator. When "Raz" started randomly shooting his brain blast, I determined that I needed a new controller. I bought the same controller at Wal-Mart. It had even MORE problems, to the point that the right trigger would only work intermittently. I took it back, got a refund and was prepared to buy a new one, when I noticed next to the one I'd BEEN buying, was one marked "Xbox 1/Windows 10." As I'd been using Windows 10, I decided it might be a better buy ($5 more). It did a great job! "Psychonauts" has NO problems whatsoever, and the N64 emulator seems to be working properly. (Doom64 is still problematic, as the controls seem TOO sensitive!) So, the problem was on MY side and not yours!

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