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Re: The PS2's kinda hit or miss

Posted by ed rhodes on .
OK, it's definitely NOT your emulations, it's my sucky computer! I just dug out my own copy of "007 - Agent Under Fire," and the exact same thing happened as with your download. The opening screen plays, the screen goes black, and if I wait long enough, I hear the Bond theme start up, indicating that the menu screen is SUPPOSED to be on the screen, but isn't. Oh well. I tried.

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Ratchet and Clank have too much going on the screen at once for my sad little laptop to handle. The "007" games were disappointing. "Everything or Nothing" had stuff all over the screen, "Agent Under Fire" showed a black screen after the opening (wait long enough and the music starts playing again, so it THINKS it's running) and "Russia With Love" just locked up during Leo the Lion! Oh well, you get what you pay for. I'm amazed "Psychonauts" is working as well as it is, and the LEGO games seem to be OK as well.

Re: The PS2's kinda hit or miss
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