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Re: Army Men:Sarge's Heros is basicaly unplayable

Posted by DerpySnake on .
I can't find much info on this phone, But I have found out that it apparently runs on a Snapdragon 425 and was released for about 100 dollars. For that price, I don't think you'd have too much fun with most emulation, and I saw a reddit threat stating a snapdragon 625 will have issues on some N64 titles. I have a feeling it's either bad emulators (Try downloading ones from emuparadise) or your phone just isn't powerful enough.

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In reply to: Army Men:Sarge's Heros is basicaly unplayable 4 me posted by Blurry Boi on .
Does anyone else have problems running Army Men:Sarge's heros on n64? Im on android and ive tried it with a few emulators from the play store but they all were extremely stuttery and low fps. Is it my phone, the emulators ive tried or something else? my phone is a (lg fortune 2) you can look up the specs if needed thanks for the help.