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Re: trying to get will roms new to this

Posted by Strange719 on .
I'm using 7zip so I'm doing that right I've been able to extract GameCube files but I haven't been able to get any Wii files extracted.. also do I need a emulator to play Wii games when I go toUSB loader gx there's no Wii files showing up but now after looking I did the nkit files so I'm back to the drawing board an try the wbfs files you said to download.

In reply to: Re: trying to get will roms new to this posted by DerpySnake on .
From what I remember the files download as .7z files, which are compressed files to save space. Depending on your OS, you need to download a compressed file extractor (such as WinRAR or 7zip, and make sure it's from the official website) and take the wbfs file out of it. If you're using Windows, I personally recommend 7zip. Don't know about whether or not it supports Mac or Linux though.

Again, make sure you choose to download wbfs files, because .nkit.iso files don't work on wii loaders.