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Re: Brawl"disk can not be read" error?

Posted by racksonme56 on .
I have not messed with the settings on dolphin so im running on default.

My operating system is windows 10 64bit

And i am using an xbox 360 controller however i also tried booting it with keyboard and mouse only to get the same result.

What is weird now is i only got that failure to read disk text from the computer the first 2 or 3 attempts at booting the game up. Now when i boot it up i click yes on the create new save data box and it takes me directly to the green error screen that is found in the default console game which tells you to remove the disk and check for damage. that usually means you have a scratched or damaged game disk. Which makes no sense because there is no disk involved.

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Also, what operating system are you using?

That message "disk can not be read" seems really weird. Can you screen cap it and upload it to It sounds like a message you would get from the actual physical console when it can't read a disk

Re: Brawl"disk can not be read" error?
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