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Re: Hey Vimm, have you heard of .CHD?

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
Yeah I was just reading up a little bit more on it, you're right, most emulators don't support it. I just tried it with ePSXe, psxfin, pcsxr, Xebra, and Mednafen and none of them were able to play the game

Beetle PSX is the only one I can find that supports it. Too bad, apparently it compresses better than .7z and it's quite effortless in converting an entire library of games because it takes a single line in the command window to do it. And it works on other systems too, like Dreamcast and stuff

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I've heard of .chd but haven't worked with it. I believe the "official" .chd converter is included with MAME, however few emulators support CHD version 5.