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Re: Laggy/Choppy gameplay in ePSXe

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
Xebra is actually pretty easy to setup.
Download here

And how to use it here

There's a video by some guy named Simply Austin or something like that that has a really complicated video about it. The stuff he does in it is unnecessary

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First of all, thank you very much for the reply. I tried turning vsync off and it actually gave me a black screen on startup. No biggie I'm just gonna give another emulator a shot like you said. I tried pcsxr as well. I am interested in Xebra, I actually am watching a YouTube video on it now. Seems complicated but I have time to learn lol. Mind sending me a link for Xebra? I really appreciate this.

Re: Laggy/Choppy gameplay in ePSXe
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