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Re: How to Convert Nkit to ISO

Posted by RustyKagee on .
Thank you I was able to get it to work, since you are so knowledgeable do you know much about USB Loader GX?

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Make sure you have NKit 1.4 + GameCube Partitions, which can be found here
Then you drag and drop your .nkit.iso on ConvertToISO, you said you chose RecoverToISO. Make sure it's Convert and not Recover. Then you should be left with an .ISO in your NKit\Processed\GameCube folder

GC games should download in .7z format. The .nkit.iso is inside of that and you have to extract it. Then take the nkit.iso and drag and drop it on the ConvertToISO

Re: How to Convert Nkit to ISO
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