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Re: DKC GBA Cutscene Error

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
Just tested it out, works fine for me. I used the DKC ROM from The Vault here and x64 version of VisualBoyAdvance-M from the Emulation Lair

In reply to: DKC GBA Cutscene Error posted by Bismarckian on .
I just started up Donkey Kong Country for the GBA (as I played that as a kid, so it's what I knew) and encountered a strange error during the opening cutscene. Diddy Kong's supposed to roll into the large blue kremling and get knocked back to continue the cutscene, but instead he just disappears before he can do so. The kremling walks back and forth and the game soft locks. For reference, I'm using VisualBoyAdvance, but I was wondering if anyone else who was it or is willing to check real quick can corroborate the error. Given that the ROM is the current one up, I'd assume the ROM itself isn't the problem but I'm not sure what the emulation error might be.

Re: DKC GBA Cutscene Error
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