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Re: Do you want more ads at Vimm's Lair?

Posted by Tricob on .
Whatever sort of ad-related change you make, people will be less resistant to it overall if you approach it with caution. YouTube - for example - had a bunch of videos fail to play because the ad host crashed, and no failsafe was put in place to work around for such things. This was supposed to discourage the use of ad blockers, but that obviously backfired. I'd say ask around and get some feedback on how best to implement your available options, weed out the options that will only cause problems with the downloads and/or message boards, and get back to us with what remains doable and practical.

- Tricob.

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In reply to: Do you want more ads at Vimm's Lair? posted by Vimm on .
Traffic at Vimm's Lair has been high lately with so many stuck at home from covid-19. Naturally all those extra people make downloads slower. I've looked into purchasing more bandwidth however many businesses are closed and have stopped advertising, so ad rates have tanked. One solution is to crank up the ads (ie: double or triple them). Another is to simply wait for rates return to normal (whenever that is).

I've long tried to keep advertising at a minimum but it doesn't have to be that way. So I'm curious...

Do you want to see more advertising at Vimm's Lair?