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Sequential download feature? + WiiWare Link

Posted by Cragdore on .
Would it be feasible to implement a feature where you could select a number of files individually/by category (console, genres, etc.) to download sequentially automatically? Sorta like a "shopping kart" used by online stores. This way I can have it work while i'm away. Additionally, my internet connection is unstable and I have to regularly resume downloads on Chrome, so having a way to automatically re-attempt would be great.

I acknowledge the risk that this feature could be abused and bring bandwidth to a crawl, so some sort of balancing should be incorporated, such as giving individual file downloads priority. Sites like are a good example of what i'm trying to describe, where you can download everything or de/select certain items at will. This is a bit much, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Also, not sure if this should go into FFA Links or not, I found an EmuParadise page with a complete collection of NTSC-U WiiWare titles:

Thank you Vimm and crew for the work put in the database!