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Re: How to play nkit iso games on HOMEBREW WII

Posted by Smolbold on .
Hey! Homebrewing your wii is as safe as you are careful. You have to make sure to follow instructions completely and do research before installing applications.

The best guide for homebrewing your wii is here: https://www.wii.guide

No, nkit.iso's will not run on the wii, however you can convert them to ISO's with the nkit processing app [convert to iso] https://vimm.net/vault/?p=nkit

If you are using a USB flash drive as the media for your wii roms, you will need a program called "Wii backup manager", you can put those games onto your flash drive by selecting open file [or whatever option sounds closest] under the files tab and selecting the converted iso. Then after selecting your flash drive as "drive 1" or "drive 2" you can click transfer and selec the drive you've set your flash drive as.

Alternatively you can just download the WBFS files. I've never done it that way though, I find it less intrusive to just download the nkit.iso.

Personally, I've been using the homebrew browser, not many resources online say it's great to use but I haven't had any trouble with it.
https://wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_Browser [download link to right of page]

BEFORE DOING ANYTHING WITH YOUR WII, make sure you follow the wii.guide tutorial COMPLETELY, this involves making the failsafes and priiload/reset button failsafe stuff [whichever route you choose]. Personally I chose the letterbomb method.

I find wiiflow to be the best app for launching games from external media, USB Loader GX a lot of people tend to have issues with. If your wii gives you issues after installing an application give your wii a restart and try again.

If you decide to install your applications on your usb/external hard drive, you can press 1 on the wiimote or x on the gc controller to switch which media you load your apps from.

[Worst case scenario you can buy a new wii for $25 from ebay, you are unlikely to mess up your wii if you follow the instructions though, make sure to double check especially when loading the CIOS's that you are doing it right.]


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Hi !
I am actually new to all these roms, homebrew,emulators etc. Earlier I simply used to play wii games using their original CD’s. But now my wii has stopped reading cds. Due to which I am unable to play games on wii.

Now as I want to play games in wii again, I heard of vimms lair and homebrew. But I have few questions, please answer:-

1. Can the nkit iso files of games installed from vimms lair run on wii homebrew? If yes then how?

2. Is home brew safe? If yes then how to homebrew my wii

If possible please take your time and post a complete guide/link/video regarding this. I have no experience dealing with such softwares.

Thanks and have a nice day !

Re: How to play nkit iso games on HOMEBREW WII
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