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Posted by dvd on .
Thanks. Yeah, the dot problem was there too. Good you fixed that.

It was most likly either Shining Force CD or Popful Mail that I originally tried to download at 100 dpi w/o the file size being smaller. But trying SFCD now, it IS 2.6 MB for me too, which downloaded in about 10min. I'm not sure what changed.

100 dpi looks just fine and I'll now attempt to get Popful Mail and Snatcher at that resolution so as to not tie up your server any more than I have to.

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You're right, some of the manuals are quite large. I'd prefer if people didn't tie up the server downloading a single file for over an hour, but I suppose it's okay if it's only a handfull of manuals. I've bumped the timeout up to two hours.

Which manuals aren't resizing? I tried setting the Shining Force CD pdf to 100DPI and it weighed in at 2.5MB. I also fixed a little bug with the filename missing the dot.