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Re: Chicken Little for GBA?

Posted by DerpySnake on .
There's a common thing where people like to start a "cult following" for games or movies that were, generally speaking, pretty bad, and they start to rate them really high talking about how they are masterpieces.

Of course, it's all a bit of fun, no harm done really, don't know many people who come to Vimm's Lair to find out the ratings for a game.

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

In reply to: Chicken Little for GBA? posted by darkonite on .
In the GBA section, Chicken Little has the highest overall rating. I don't remember it being on the top 10 at all last time I was digging through there a few months ago, and I'm a little confused. Anyone know what's up with that?