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Re: Jailbreak Wii

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
I used this YouTube video to help me get the homebrew channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtOQf3D1zdQ I used it on my Wii 2 months ago and on my other Wii a few weeks ago and it stills works! All you need is a computer and a normal SD card for this method and it should work, however in finding more steps to do check out wii.guide for that like how @ZombiRabbit said.

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In reply to: Jailbreak Wii posted by BattleBorn56 on .
Hello all! Looking for help on jb-ing my wii to get these emulators. There are so many sites and videos and some don't do what others do. Is there one way that's better than an other? Can anyone offer a link or help please?