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Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
If you want 3ds ROMs, just go to https://theromdepot.com/ or http://www.emuroms.ch/en to get the Roms as verified safe by the link down every post that I make, and then use Citra. As for 3ds Roms on Vimm's lair, I don't think he'll allow it to come to this gaming generation due to the policy of the "Two generations or more old to be verified" rule. Besides the point, Vimm's Lair got more attention as the most popular ROM site by the ROM community after Emuparadice shut down, becoming as popular as it. Imagine if Vimm did put 3ds ROMs on the site, (which is a protected console) and seeing Nintendo overprotection of their work and I.P's to an extremely unhealthy amount, I daresay that Nintendo would notice Vimm's Lair's existence and shut the website down if he decides to put 3ds Roms for this New, current, console generation. As for the other Rom sites that I listed and do include 3ds Roms have the benefit of the doubt, as these Rom sites are much, much less popular than Vimm's Lair. Also if you have a working 3ds, then please buy the games via E-shop or, on Amazon, Nintendo deserves the money for the 3ds games that they make. Only pirate the games if your 3ds is broken.

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Does the site ever plan on adding 3ds games with the recent discontentment of the console?