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Re: DMCA Law

Posted by TrueGB on .
It's a legit concern.

But to be honest, I'm thinking the PS3 and Wii U generation will be the last gens that will be feasibly emulated. Games from this era onwards tend to be broken off the disc, require a plethora of patches to fix, have tons of DLC Vimm hasn't figured out how to add yet short of bundle packages, and often featured discs that didn't actually have the game on them at all (it would just trigger a download). Not only that, but most of the games from the PS4/X1 era on are forward compatible and many of them are finding their way onto Steam and GoG, and DRM free PC versions are better than any emulated console version.

And that's to say nothing of an all digital future.

I'm sure emulation will be a thing in the future, but going forward, with so many games, old and new, finding their way onto some kind of PC service, emulation seems less and less necessary. PS2 and older, sure. PS3/360/Wii, okay, problematic but possible. After that? Getting iffy.

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It's entirely possible that the entire site could just up and disappear one day due to current or future laws and legislature that come about. I mean that's just the reality of a site like this.
I believe back in the site's infancy all the NES roms that were on here got taken down for a time, so technically it's already happened before. As to back up plans, Vimm himself would have to answer that. From what he's said this is just a pet project he's been running for two decades now so if it all went up then he might just shrug and move on in life. But only he would really know, I guess.