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Paper Mario: TTYD 2 Issues

Posted by Glooba on .
The first issue is that it wouldn't let you arrive at Rogueport after the opening cutscene. The emulator would crash. I worked around that by downloading an older version of Dolphin and running the game on that. I got into Rogueport, saved, and opened it back up on the current version, and it worked. The second issue is that after being introduced to Professor Frankly, he goes to open the gate in front of his house, putting you in a cutscene to do so. He walks up to the gate to open it, but freezes before he opens it, and never moves. Is there a way to get someone to look at the game and see if they can replicate the issues? I don't really know what to do to even start to try to fix them. Thank you for looking at this.

Re: Paper Mario: TTYD 2 Issues
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