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Re: How to get my computer to run Dolphin

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
I sort of fixed the problem by changing it to the proper render

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Frame drops and weird hickups are likely just going to always be a thing with higher end emulation no matter how beefy you make a PC. That's just kind of the reality of emulators.

There may be some tweaks to fix those issues that other people have run into. I found this for melee frame drops:
And it's not uncommon to need vastly different settings for many games to have them run smoothly.

The Wii issues is odd. Though dolphin is a more GPU hungry emulator as it is a dual core application and having a higher core CPU won't bump up your performance all that much whereas having a higher end GPU should.

And, again, I'll reiterate that even with the most roided out pc you could throw together, there's just going to be things you cannot fix because that's just the world that emulation lives in.