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Re: is there anyway to port the games i already ha

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
If you have a Wii you can mod it so that you can extract them through cleanrip with this guide here

As for the settings, I'd just recommend "show fps" and " comply shaders before starting".

It's also important to know that changing the resolution and the wrong render can go a long way in a good performance.

And who cares if you can't dump it, so what? it's Nintendo's fault for not re-releasing GC games on the Switch or on PC.

You won't have the legal right to ever pirate their games, but if joe on eBay over there selling ttyd at 100 bucks, and if you can't get it otherwise officially by Nintendo, then I'd say pirate away for their older, inaccessible, games.

I have been pirating their older titles for almost 6 years now and have I ever gone to jail, no.

Besides, your IP service won't give 2 darn's and a half if you pirate their older inaccessible games.

Piracy isn't always just a black & white area and has a lot of cases where it falls into the gray or even ethical area depending on, again, on each individual case.

"Everyone is flawed one way or another, even the best of us, so why bother being Insecure "

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i have a decent collection of gamecube games, and i was wondering if theres anyway i can just port the data from them? Also i'm a mac user and want to know what the best settings for dolphin?