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Re: Playstation 3 Emulator

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
@originalcoolx you need to go to this link and scroll down to "Playstation 3 System Software", click on the link, and download it there.

Then you open up RPCS3 and go to file and click "install firmware" and install the file you got from "Playstation 3 System Software" and there you have it.

And for the record it's okay to ask questions like these, we all have to start somewhere.

No one learns from not getting your hands dirty/committing mistakes along the way. That's life for you.

As for dumping PS3 games, you will need an actual PS3 or a compatible blue-ray player they list here as they also have all the steps for doing so.

Also, just for the record, if you cannot get the PS3 games officially sold by sony, then it's morally ethical to pirate the games, in my opinion, after all, it's their fault for not making them consistently available on PC/PS5.

And pirating abandonware, ie, the thousand-year door for instance is fine.

Nintendo doesn't make any money off of it and if they truly cared about making money off of it, they would have re-released it by now. Alas, they are too dumb to care for that so I say pirate away! Oh and just for the record out of my 6 years in the emulation community your isp won't give a darn for downloading old games like these on the site.

"Everyone is flawed one way or another, even the best of us, so why bother being Insecure "

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Sorry guys, I'm new here. Can someone please tell me how to install PS3UDAT..PUP without a gaddang Playstation 3. How in the world do I use this emulator? I'm not a tech guy, so go easy on me, fellas'