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Just Dance 2020

Posted by ENZY10 on .
I have a dump of this game from a disc (dumped with USB Loader GX if it matters) and am looking for the size that a dump with the disc filler partition removed in NKIT and WBFS format. I got the disc used, as in my region, this game new is well over $100 and wish to compare with the number of GB it should be (id est: to ensure my dump and disc are good). To clarify my intentions, I DO NOT wish to get the files for the game or pirate it in any way. My goal is not to determine the completeness of my legitimate disc copy, it is the compare the numbers. I commonly use this site to check my dump sizes and I wish to do that with Just Dance 2020. I am NOT asking for the rom, just the size of the rom file, as I cannot find the size elsewhere and do not wish to download a copy unlawfully to determine if my dump is the correct size.

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