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Posted by Smashburger on .
Usually nintendo emulators will run it with no bios. Have you tried nestopia?

There are seven 100% safe sites.
Vimm, Gamulator, romspure, romsforever, roms kingdom, romsdownload, and wowroms

Romshusler and romsmania were both safe at one time but within the last 6 months have had numerous reports of viruses.

You can listen to people disagree with me and reason away why those sites are safe but I would ignore those voices...because those aites are not safe.

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thanks! it worked perfectly but i did run into a little roadblock of having to find the bios so I could run it on mesen but luckily I didn't run into any problems. Thanks also for the heads up on romshustler cause I've been hearing about how its supposedly safe.