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Re: News: April 10, 2021

Posted by tee_kay1 on .
Vimm's Lair just became my favorite site for downloading ROMS and emulators. I am so super excited to hear that we now have access to the WiiWare Vault! I have been searching feverishly for a way to download WiiWare games after the Wii Shop Channel closed and didn't have any luck. Jam City Rollergirls was my absolute favorite, but I only have the demo on my Wii. Now, I can play the full game again! Please don't get rid of this option! I am sure hundreds of thousands of people are just as thrilled as I am! Can't wait to download more. Thank's so much!

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Now introducing, the WiiWare Vault! All 352 US releases are included with more screenshots snapped daily.

Over in the Wii Vault a torrent experiment is starting today. Trackerless torrents have been made for the top 10 Wii games from March which now have a new "Magnet" button. The plan is to seed these torrents all month, then if people are seeding (and using) them they'll stay and possibly expand, otherwise they'll go. Feedback is welcome.

Re: News: April 10, 2021
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